Koute’ means ‘to Listen’ in Haitian Kreyol. Robin and Rosemond chose this name because an important part of their purpose in making music is to inspire people to have awareness of the many children who remain unsupported because of the Haitian earthquake and other world events and to listen and respond to their voices.

T-Rosemond Jolissaint

Rosemond was born in Lattalay, Haiti, and his family later moved to Cap-Haitian to provide better opportunities in the bigger city. He started singing at church when he was 4 years old, and knew almost immediately that he wanted to be a musician. When Rosemond was 10, he walked through the streets of Cap-Haitian everyday with his guitar playing and singing a song of hope he wrote for the street children called “Ti Moun Yo.” At 15, he entered the National Competition in Haiti, as the youngest contestant amongst tens of thousands of participants. He won both the contest and the hearts of the people through his compelling song writing and his gentle manner. Raised in a peasant life style, Rosemond is no stranger to poverty and struggle, and his lyrics resonate with the majority of those who are living far below the international poverty line.

Robin Towner

Robin is 13 years old, lives in Oakland, and attends Oakland School for the Arts, with an Emphasis inTheatre. Her first musical inspiration was Johnny Cash. She began singing his songs at the age of 4 and has been singing daily ever since then. Robin met Rosemond in 2011, at a benefit for Haiti, whereRosemond performed his song of hope, Ti Moun Yo. Robin also visited Haiti in 2011, and remains deeply connected to the children she met and became friends with in the displacement camps. “Are You Listening” reminded her of her time in Haiti and inspired her to ask Rosemond to join her in auditioning for Oakland’s Got Talent. They have found a great synergy in singing together, and now plan to record more songs together.

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